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" I take care of me. I am the only one I’ve got "

Groucho Marx

What have you done for yourself lately? Authors Gershen Kaufman & Lev Raphael spell out six good things to do for yourself. Here are three.

1. Choose something to do just for fun. Then do it whenever you can.

2. Give yourself a present every day. (This dosen’t have to cost money. Listen to a favorite CD or take a bubble bath.)

3. Forgive yourself for something you did in the past.

" Love yourself first and
everything else falls in line. "

Lucille Ball

Here are three more good things to do for yourself from Gershen Kaufman and Lev Raphael:

4. Do at least one thing every day that’s good for your body.

5. Do atleast one thing every day that’s good for your brain.

6. Find and adult you can trust and talk to.

( Tip : Make a list of all six good things — yesterday’s and today’s — and put it where you can see it every morning. )

" When you have to cope with a lot of problems,
you’re either going to sink
or you’re going to swim. "

Tom Cruise

Some questions have either a right or a wrong answer. Should I go to School? Should I finish my homework? Should I drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes? You know the right answers to questions like these. The wrong answers can cause problems for you. If you’re already carrying more than your share of problems, don’t make things worse for yourself. If you need support or encouragement, tell an adult you trust.

" You never know when
you’re making a memory. "

Rickie Lee Jones

A song, the sound of a person’s voice, a color, a smell – any of these can trigger a memory. Your mind stores an amazing number or memories, from the smallest to the largest life events: a birthday party, a kind word, a graduation ceremony, a hug from a friend, bread baking in the over, a kiss…. And you never know when a memory will pop into your head. What you do today will be tomorrow’s memories for you (and may be someone else).