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" If you can walk, you can dance.
If you can talk, you can sing. "

A saying from Zimbabwe

Life is full of boring chores and routines. But even the most ordinary actions are transformed when you do them with a joyful touch. If you can get out of bed, you can say "Good Morning" to people around you. If you can open your mouth to brush your teeth, you can smile at yourself in the mirror. Even if you can have to fake it at first, try it and see what happens.

" Leave yourself alone "

Jenny Janacek

Trees dosen’t like her hair. Melanie feels too fat. Henry hates his glasses. Robin wishes he got better grades. Tese kids are always picking on themselves. Maybe they don’t say anything out loud. But inside it’s pick, pick, pick. What about you? Do you pick on yourself? What would happen if you stopped?

NEW DELHI: After its tie-up with master franchising group, Devyani International (DIL), Walt Disney on Saturday launched its first merchandise store in India, which will sell its branded kids products.

Through a licensing agreement with DIL, the global entertainment major plans to invest Rs 150 crore for setting up 300 such Disney Stores in the next five years across the country of which the first 22 outlets would become operative in the current year itself.

The Disney Stores will sell products like stationery in the price range of Rs 25 to Rs 900, targeting mostly children in the age group of 3 to 10 years.


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" Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow "


Sara lay in bed, her eyes wide open in the dark. Then she heard that noise again…tap, tap against her window. Someone was trying to get in! Her heart raced. She felt too afraid to move. Finally she forced herself to creep to the window. And then, she saw the tree branch, blowing in the wind, tapping against the glass. (Many worries disappear when we check them out.)

" I will tell you what I have learned about myself.
For me, a long five or six mile walk helps.
And one must go alone and every day."
Brenda Ueland

Writer Brenda Ueland was 94 when she died in 1985. Walking kept her health and vigorous all her life. (It also gave her time alone each day to think and dream.) Is exercise a regular part of your life ?
" To escape criticism – do nothing,
say nothing, be nothing "
Elbert Hubbard

Criticism is a fact of life you can’t escape. But you can decide to listen or not. Ignore those people who start off, "You always…," "You never…," or "You’re a big, ugly…" They aren’t trying to help you. They’re trying to tear you down. Forget them. But pay attention to people who really care. These are the ones who might say "I feel this way about…" or "I know you’re trying hard, but…"
" If all the world’s a stage,
then let’s clean up our act. "
Clinton Hill

Today is a Earth Day. What are you doing to save the Earth? Talking about it? Thinking about it? Or taking action? You can save up to nine gallons of water each time you brush your teeth if you don’t leave the water running. (Just wet and rinse your toothbrush.) Visit your library for more ideas.
" One man practising sportmanship is far better that 50 preaching it . "
Kunte K. Rockne

Its hard to be a good sport, especially when the score was close, the other team had an unfair advantage, or your team deserved to win. But being a good sport shows character and maturity. It shows that you can accept defeat gracefully. You can be a good sport in other places besides the gym or playing field. Celebrate someone else’s win, even if it meant your loss.
" It does make a difference what you call things. "
Kate Douglas Wiggin

"Sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me…" You probably learned that rhyme as a you child. Don’t belive it. Names can hurt a lot. Children who are called "Fatty" or "Stupid" start beliving those names are true. Do you ever call yourself names? What kinds of names? Positivie or negative? Helpful or hurtful?